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Watermelon Bash

October 30th, 2022

Camp Kesem is a nationwide non-profit that runs over 90 summer camps for weeks of action-packed fun for kids whose parents are affected by cancer. Camp is 100% FREE-OF-CHARGE for all campers, and with the money we raise through our philanthropic events, we are able to help provide and improve our local A&M chapter every year. Additionally, many servant leaders in the Century Men's Society step up every year to serve as counselors at Camp Kesem over the summer.



Watermelon Bash is a large carnival style event put on by the Century Men’s Society at Texas A&M University. The event takes place annually at Wolf Pen Creek during the month of October. Most activities are watermelon themed (with over 1,000 melons) and aim to create a memorable experience for participants.


Watermelon Bash hosts a wide assortment of activities and competitions including but not limited to a bounce house slide, water dunk tank, watermelon toss, watermelon smash, 9-square, watermelon art booths, tug-of-war over a watermelon pit, and a watermelon relay race. On top of this, all ticket purchasers will receive a meal voucher for the event’s chosen catered food service.


All proceeds go to the benefit of our philanthropy, Camp Kesem. More information can be found on Camp Kesem through our donations tab or at


  • Is this event limited to college students?

    • Not at all! This is a family friendly event that we encourage all ages to participate in. Feel free to invite any family and friends you would love to see there.

  • Are pets allowed at Watermelon Bash?

    • Yes! However Century Men’s Society will not be responsible for their supervision.

  • What does team registration look like? 

    • All participants will have the opportunity to input a team name for themselves upon registering. Just make sure everyone in your group uses the same team name, and there is no maximum number of people per team!

  • Where is the event and what does parking look like?

    • Watermelon Bash is located at Wolf Pen Creek. There are a couple parking lots at the park however spots are limited. There is street parking in the nearby neighborhoods as well as large availability at Post Oak Mall

  • Can I buy a ticket on the day of the event (at the door)?

    • Absolutely! Day-of ticket buyers will have the option of a full ticket or a partial ticket (cheaper but with no shirt). A full ticket price will be slightly higher than the original price at the door.

  • How will T-Shirt distribution work?

    • After arriving at Wolf Creek Pen, all participants will go through check-in. This is where you will receive the shirt you paid for during registration. If you sign-up for Watermelon Bash the day of, there may be delays in shirt deliveries.

  • What should I bring to Watermelon Bash? Is there item storage?

    • Because all event supplies are provided, all participants should bring what they need to get there (phone/wallet/keys). We highly recommend packing light as there is no official item storage station at the park.

  • What should I wear to Watermelon Bash

    • Dress according to the weather that day as the whole event is outdoors. We suggest everyone refrain from wearing nicer clothing as most events revolve around watermelons and can get messy.

  • Where can I expect the money raised from my ticket sale to go?

    • All proceeds for Watermelon Bash will benefit Camp Kesem, the philanthropy of the Century Men’s Society. Camp Kesem is an organization that funds a summer camp experience for kids in families afflicted by cancer.

"Camp Kesem is a nationwide community, driven by passionate college student leaders, that supports children through and beyond their parent's cancer."

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